Interviewing with Health Care Employers

Interviews may be just as nerve racking for you as they can be for the person who is conducting your interview. In some cases, neither you nor the hiring manager know one another, you might have spoken on the telephone, but more often than not you were screened by someone apart from the hiring manager. You are now meeting for the first time. Remember, you have prepared for this day by working on your resume, asking yourself essential questions, and researching the company.

Be honest in your interview, but not too abrupt as you do not want to appear emotionally unstable. Talk as if you are talking to a friend, and do not give text book answers. The hiring manager already is familiar with most of your technical skills and background and will verify these things with you, however they also want to know you, your temperament, and will judge you to see if you will get along with the rest of their team. Essentially, your soft skills are equally as important as your technical skills. People can train you on some technicalities but they cannot train your personality.

If ultimately you are not chosen for the role, they can at least remember you for your honesty, sincerity, and desire to work. You might not be the perfect fit for their group or the job, but they may know just the company to recommend you to.